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The 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Sunda Cup" Badminton Tournament Successfully held

On September 16th&17th, in celebration of the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, co-hosted by Ghana Association of Chinese Societies and Shandong Federation of Industry&Commerce in Ghana, Caitec Group, and other Chinese fraternal chambers of commerce in Ghana,"Sunda Cup" Badminton Tournament was successfully held at the GS Plaza Hotel,Accra, Ghana.

H.E. the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Lu Kun, the President of Ghana Association of Chinese Societies as well as the Chairman of Ghana Chinese Chamber of Commerce,Mr. Tang Hong,  and General Manager of Sunda (Ghana) Investment Co., LTD.,Mr. Ye Wei,  attended and addressed at the opening ceremony. Mr.Wen Fu Lin, the Counselor of the Chinese Embassy to Ghana, Mr.Ning Jun, the Director of the Chinese Consular Office in Ghana, Ms. Lou Danzhu, the Director of the Political Office in Ghana, Mr.Wang Yue,the President of the Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce, Mr.Zhang Dongjun, Executive Vice president of Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce, Mr.Guo Xiao, the General Manager of  Hualong (Ghana) Group, together with players attended the event.

Ambassador Lu Kun addressed that this competition,with plenty participants and a lot of attention,was the first cultural and sports event held by the Chinese community in Ghana after covid-19 pandemic,which was of great significance. There are a large number of overseas Chinese in Ghana and badminton games can bring each other closer, enhance mutual friendship, and strengthen communication and exchanges. Sport is an important symbol of social development and human progress, and an important embodiment of comprehensive national strength and social civilization." Ambassador Lu encouraged the participants to carry forward sportsmanship and friendship. He also wished overseas Chinese in Ghana a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and prosperity and peace for the People’s Republic of China!

Ambassador Lu Kun

Tang Hong, Chairman of Ghana Association of Chinese Societies as well as Ghana Chinese Chamber of Commerce said that it was an unprecedented event with so many contestants registering for the competition.He encouraged everyone to carry forward the spirit of badminton game both in life and work: Stretch the arm before the leg. With higher, faster, and stronger sportsmanship,daring to challenge difficulties, and become a giant in their own life.

President Tang Hong

Ye Wei, the General manager of Sunda (Ghana) Investment Co., LTD., the Main Sponsor of the badminton tournament, said that although it is thousands of miles away from the motherland, with joint efforts of Ghana association of Chinese Societies, Chinese enterprises and the the other Chinese Chambers of Commerce, badminton lovers in Ghana can get together on the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day occasion Enjoying the health and pleasure from the sport, and fully experiencing the wonderful homelike atmosphere, which is extremely significant. Mr. Ye also encouraged everyone to put friendship and sportsmanship on priority but meanwhile play at their best.

(Ye Wei, General Manager of Senda Investment Co., LTD.)

Ambassador Lu Kun and Mr. Tang Hong played one-on-one as kick-off to start the tournament, firing up the crowd.

(Ambassador Lu Kun and Chairman Tang Hong hit the ball)

After the kick-off ceremony, the national anthem of the People's Republic of China was played, and the match was on.

After two days of intense competition, the tournament came to a successful conclusion. Rackets cut through the air, shoes wiped the floor, athletes have shown "skills", concentration, and hard work, sometimes a light pick over the net, sometimes a side-court lob, and sometimes a wonderful rescue. Opponents going back and forth, the scores rising alternately. On the court, the players struggled to swing, through thrilling cooperation. Off the court, cheering one after another. The shuttlecock flies up and down, conveying vitality, but also the spirit of hard work, showing the pioneering spirit of Chinese community in Ghana.

In the finals on the 17th, Mr.Yeboah Evans, President of the Ghana National Badminton Association, was invited to the event. He expressed his congratulations on the successful holding of the competition, and also expressed his good wishes for the coming Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. “I wish overseas Chinese good health and all the best” he said. Ambassador Lu Kun invited Mr.Yeboah Evans to have a wonderful men’s double, which drove the atmosphere to the climax.

(Exhibition match)

(Ambassador Lu Kun presented a commemorative ball and jersey to Mr.Yeboah Evans)

Witnessed by all the participants, the results of the competition were freshly released. This competition is divided into men's single, men's double and mixed double. In men's single group, Yang Shengtao, representative of China State Hualong, won the first prize, Wang Pengwei, representative of Huawei, won the second prize, and Gao Conglin, representative of Strong Machinery Ltd., won the third prize.

Men's double, the representatives of Chinese Medical Team, Peng Wei and Liu Yixuan won the first prize, representatives of Strong Machinery Ltd.,Song Xinqi and Gao Conglin won the second prize, The ally team of Chinese Embassy and China State Hualong, Ning Jun and Yang Shengtao won the third prize.

In the mixed double group, Song Xinqi and Liu Runqing, representatives of Strong Machinery Ltd., won the first prize, Huang Jingzhai and Meng Qiuyan, representatives of Sunon Energy, won the second prize, and Peng Wei and Xie Shuangcong, representatives of Chinese Medical team, won the third prize.

In order to promote the spirit of tenacious fight and never-give-up, the tournament also had the Sportsmanship Award. In the end, Chen Jinghao from the Chinese Embassy in Ghana and Wu Xinyi from the Huawei team won the award respectively.

After the game, players were reluctant to leave and continued to exchange skills with each other, and share their playing experience. Everyone said that the event was well organized, and the staff support was strong, the atmosphere was cheering, and the turn-out was ideal.

Coming next, under the guidance of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, the Ghana Association of Chinese Societies will organize a series of meaningful cultural and sports programs to enrich out-of-office life of  Chinese community, enhancing the bond and ties of overseas Chinese in Ghana, and promote the exchange and cooperation among Chinese compatriots.