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Press Conference of the 2023 Edition of "Guide to Chinese Entrepreneurs in Ghana"

On February 5th, Ambassador Lu Kun was invited to attend the press conference of the 2023 edition of "Guidelines for Chinese Entrepreneurs in Ghana". Tang Hong, President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations in Ghana, Zhou Senlin, Director Consultant, Yang Qun, President of the Ghana Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, and more than 100 representatives of the Ghanaian Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Zhu Jing, Political Counselor of the Embassy, and Li Yaohong, Economic and Commercial Counselor participated in the event.

Ambassador Lu first wished all the guests a happy Lantern Festival, and wished everyone good health, career progress, family happiness and all the best in the new year! Ambassador Lu warmly congratulated the successful publication of the 2023 edition of the "Guide to Chinese Entrepreneurs in Ghana" and highly appreciated the hard work of the chambers of commerce in Ghana. Important information such as work and life is of great benefit to the survival and development of overseas Chinese in Ghana and enterprises in Ghana, and is also conducive to the embassy's preventive consular protection work. Ambassador Lu wished the "Ghanaian Chinese Entrepreneurs Guide" better and better. Ambassador Lu pointed out that the history of the overseas Chinese community in Ghana can be traced back to nearly 30 years ago, and the major overseas Chinese business associations have witnessed and promoted the in-depth development of China-Ghana friendly relations. At present, the team of overseas Chinese has grown stronger, the scale of overseas Chinese has increased significantly, and their origins have become more diversified. The vast number of overseas Chinese have made important contributions to promoting the economic and social development of Ghana and the friendship between China and Ghana, and the friendly relationship between China and Ghana has become more stable. The embassy sincerely thanks the overseas Chinese community in Ghana for their strong support for the work of the embassy, and is willing to continue to strengthen communication and exchanges with the overseas Chinese community and provide assistance within its capacity for the healthy development of the overseas Chinese community. Ambassador Lu fully affirmed the good tradition of unity, harmony, pioneering and mutual assistance of the overseas Chinese community in Ghana, and emphasized that overseas Chinese are the precious wealth of the motherland and the bridge connecting Ghana and the motherland. Give full play to its own unique advantages, strive to make greater progress, and contribute to the friendship between China and Ghana.