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We manufacture the complete fishing net, to precise specifications and design every net to improve your catching efficiency. Our fishing nets are tested under actual fishing conditions and in addition, we provide technical back-up to help you increase your fishing yields. Our research and development programs have concentrated on developing the finest fishing nets and netting in the world. The key to successful and efficient fishing net construction Caitec uses the latest European design and simulation software to analyse and improve the efficiency of its trawls. We calculate the influence of the 5 hydrodynamic forces on each knot and half bar of the net, giving us a very close reflection to reality. This is taken further with prototype trials once satisfactory results have been achieved. We make use of our-in-house developed software to design purse-seine nets, as well as to keep a service record of each and every panel in every net we supply.

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L'Occitane en Provence choisit X-PRIME Groupe

Suite à une consultation organisée par VT Scan, L'Occitane en Provence a retenu X-PRIME Groupe pour l’accompagner dans sa stratégie d’activation digitale internationale.

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